Kez Wickham St George

Kez is an International Published author since 2005 has published three children’s books and seven adult novels.  2016 Kez was invited to write a poetry ensemble for novel short and tall stories, that raised funds for the heart cancer Soc in the UK.  More recently as an arts ambassador for two sister cities Ako Japan & Rockingham Perth, Kez facilitated a book of faerie stories and poetry between the two sister cities.

In early March 2019, Kez facilitated a poetry surprise at an art auction for heart line/lifeline, offering to write four poems to go with chosen artwork, again to raise funds for a cause close to her heart, Heartline. Her consulting with members of the community as a mentor of creative writing and or poetry is a passion she loves to share. Encouraging those who are finding their creative spirit a little difficult to express, giving them alternatives.

Kez is also a recognised 3D artist in Australia, calling her art Poetry with Paint, as she feels her work encourages others to use freedom in art and in words. Kez‘s calling she feels is consulting with those who are a loss as to how to start, as their mentor in art and authorship. Kez is a storyteller and a wordsmith willing to help her community.   

Kez's Session

Take the Stress Out of Writing and Unleash the Author Within

.Earth Village Stage

Becoming a Published Author –  How to Overcome Doubts and Fears and Become a Published Author  Do you have a story to share? Where is your story? Kez is a mentor of writers and is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to shine in their chosen genre.  She is a master and assisting authors to shape their story […]


Peli the Pelican Pantomime

.Earth Village Stage

Read by Author Kez Wickham St George   Pantomime performed by Amy Keppler, Hannah Jade Keppler & Eloise Keppler.   Telling the story of  Peli the Pelican who lives with his family on Penguin Island in Western Australia, he has an idyllic life as do the other aquatic animals in the area. His best friend […]