Take the Stress Out of Writing and Unleash the Author Within

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Becoming a Published Author –  How to Overcome Doubts and Fears and Become a Published Author 

Do you have a story to share? Where is your story?

Kez is a mentor of writers and is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to shine in their chosen genre.  She is a master and assisting authors to shape their story and breaks the process into bite-size chunks that are achievable. In this presentation, she will share with you her insights and tips on how to get started and will give tips on how you can overcome doubts and fears and become a published author. 

One tip from Kez’s own experience as an author : 

“With my writing, I use my own experiences, plus the tales told by others I’ve encountered during my extensive travels, to and around many different countries, as the inspiration for my romance thrillers, that I’ve become so recognised for. “


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