Keppler Trio

Multi-talented Youth Performance

 Perth based family led by Mum Gerri an accomplished play writer in her own right.


The young starlets, Amy Keppler, Hannah Jade Keppler & Eloise Keppler are all multi-talented artists who not only sing and dance but have inherited Mum’s talents in playwriting.


They’ve been performing all their lives and have won numerous awards along the way. 

Bright futures are ahead for these beautiful ladies. Their latest production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Keppler's Trios Performance

Peli the Pelican Pantomime

.Earth Village Stage

Read by Author Kez Wickham St George   Pantomime performed by Amy Keppler, Hannah Jade Keppler & Eloise Keppler.   Telling the story of  Peli the Pelican who lives with his family on Penguin Island in Western Australia, he has an idyllic life as do the other aquatic animals in the area. His best friend […]