New Vision New Hope and New Potential for a Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle

The world is in an environmental crisis and Australia is now experiencing the drastic effects of climate change through drought, floods, wildfires and mass extinction of native wildlife through the destruction of habitat.
Having introduced thousands of people in WA to the benefits of natural therapies, spiritual and personal development and sustainable living at the Conscious Living and Living Well in WA Expos over the past 31 years, we see an urgent need for an event that demonstrates the interconnectedness of our health and wellbeing with the natural environment and connects people to our planet’s ecosystems. 
There is a positive future for our world if we make the necessary changes.   It begins with reconnecting to our own inner nature, restoring the balance of mind, body, and spirit and learning from the earth-based wisdom of our indigenous peoples to understand the natural cycles of the Earth so we can live in harmony with our environment.




Consult with Health & Wellbeing Practitioners and Experts 

Find holistic health and wellness programs to sustain your health and wellbeing through the coming climate changes.  Test the waters before you dive in  Meet with practitioners in  Natural Therapies,  Pain Management, Gut Health, Stress and Anxiety, Sleep Solutions, Weight Loss, Natural Birthing and Parenting.   You will have the opportunity to meet these change-makers, who are solving the challenges that many of us are facing in a rapidly changing economic and social environment.  Enjoy healing bodywork treatments and experience sound healing with crystal singing bowls and didgeridoo. Source pure essential oils, herbs and organic skincare that are chemical-free and naturally good for your body.


Green Speaker Talks, Workshops & Demonstrations

Learn more about the current state of our environment, how climate change is impacting our health and the health of native species and what we can do about drawing down carbon from the atmosphere. There are exciting innovations and projects happening here in Perth. You can meet these innovators, attend their talks and workshops and decide the best course of action for you and your family.  From environmental solutions for sustainable building, recycling plastic waste to earth-friendly and non-toxic, cleaning to personal care and beauty products and, preservative-free organic wine you can sample and buy products that are not widely available in supermarkets which will save you money and save our environment. 




Meet Your Tribe

Connect with like-minded people, participate and be part of a growing community here in Perth passionate about creating a healthier happier and more sustainable world. Meet with inspirational leaders, artists and young people people who are taking positive action on climate change and empowering one another.  Enjoy delicious Earth Eats and see demonstrations of organic gardening, permaculture, composting, bush foods and vegan cooking.  Learn about rewilding Perth suburbs and how to grow West Australian Wildflowers and create a healthy habitat for native birds, insects, and animals. Kids enjoy nature play and parents learn about natural earth parenting skills.  Join the wisdom circle and share your experiences with indigenous and spiritual elders about reconnecting to the natural world.  Attend talks by inspirational artists and creators and see the exhibition of Earth Arts and Crafts. Enjoy uplifting performances of song and dance by renowned Perth musicians and performing artists.



Explore the Clean Green Future

Over 190 exhibitors will be showcasing and selling their products and services in the Expo. See the latest in eco-technologies for sustainable transport, building homes and designing eco-friendly subdivisions.  See a Solar powered car and test-drive electric cars.  Walk through the Tiny Homes and learn how you can go off-grid with solar battery technology and generate your own free electricity.  Bring your plastic bottles and tops and watch them being turned into 3 D printed items  Start living smart and sustainably with the latest technologies in lighting, greywater recycling and collect water to save money and protect your garden. 



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