Susan Poole

Physical Rehabilitation & Inventor of the Red Light Therapy Wrap

Susan Poole has a degree in Human Movement & Exercise Science, and a Masters Degree in Education. She worked for a number of years in physical rehabilitation before moving into the world of horses where she taught and competed in show jumping.

Sue invented the Red Light Therapy Wrap in response to her own need to rehabilitate damaged tendons and ligaments in both horses and humans. The design of the Red Light Therapy Wraps has expanded as the demand for different applications grew. Sue resides in Perth and markets the products internationally for both professional and home use.

Susan's Session

The Amazing Power of Red Light Therapy

.Earth Village Stage

This talk is an informative discussion on the use of red and infrared wavelengths to bring about significant healing effects in both humans and animals. The talk will cover the science of Light Therapy along with anecdotal reviews for many successful applications. An active demonstration of Red Light Therapy will complete the session.