Kylie Wolfig

Founder of Thyroid School & The Thyroid Life Academy.

There is an art to creating a life you love and embracing all that you are. Kylie Wolfig has done just that.

With a first-hand understanding of living with Thyroid disease, Kylie’s path to becoming a Naturopath was born out of her deep desire to understand her own health. Over time, Kylie realised that she was most focussed on her own wellbeing when she was working in her business on Thyroid health for others. This realisation highlighted the capacity to naturally attain balance in life and from there, the desire to assist others find that balance in their own lives was born.

Working with clients in her membership platform Kylie is known for offering solutions that are easy. Talking in a language that makes sense, keeping things simple and positive are Kylie’s strengths. In her joyful manner, she will take a problem and break it down into achievable, bite-sized steps leaving you feeling empowered and with a clear path forward.
Kylie is most passionate about people changing their story as a whole, so with loving kindness, she naturally adopts a no-nonsense approach and won’t allow our ‘stories’ to impede us or distract us from living our best life.

Information on Thyroid health can be confusing and overwhelming, it was this understanding that led Kylie to create Thyroid School, an online platform where information is distilled and shared with love.

The winner of an award for Excellence in the Academic Understanding and Clinical Application of Naturopathy, Kylie is well placed to provide practical guidance in her field. Through her 3 published Thyroid Books, and her upcoming Thyroid Encyclopaedia, Kylie provides support, direction and a clear step-by-step process to designing your ideal Thyroid Life.

When we change ourselves, the world around us changes – Kylie believes this deeply and her desire is for others to not only feel empowered but to be gifted with the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for themselves.

Kylie's Talk

Weight Gain,Fatigue and Overwhelm – The New Epidemic

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Kylie talks about the 3 most common symptoms that could be signs of a chronic disease- that is becoming an epidemic in our society. Do you have it? Learn about Thyroid Health. Information on Thyroid health can be confusing and overwhelming, it was this understanding that led Kylie to create Thyroid School an online format where information […]


Interview with Kylie Wolfig

.Earth Village Stage

In this interview with Margaret Bryant, Kylie will share her some of her journey that led her to found the Thyroid School.