Caroline Logan

Author of Tears and Triumphs A Memoir of a Breast Cancer Journey with Two Perspectives

Caroline Logan, the author of Tears of Triumph,  tells the back story of her personal journey and the impact that the diagnosis of breast cancer, giving an in-depth insight into the struggles – the highs and lows she experienced, and looks at how it affected her family. She hopes this memoir, that she has written with her husband Martin, will offer her readers hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

This memoir is an intimate, honest, informative and often humorous account of her experience with Breast Cancer. Caroline allows readers to get to know her and her family, as they navigate their way through this devastating diagnosis. Caroline Logan lives in Perth, Australia with her husband Martin. They have four adult children between them and one grandson. This is her first book.

Caroline's Session

An Interview with Caroline Logan – author of Tears and Triumph

.Earth Village Stage

Caroline’s book titled Tears of Triumph: A Memoir of Breast Cancer Journey with Two Perspective gives an in-depth perspective of the struggles – the highs and lows that follow the diagnosis of breast cancer along the healing journey. In this interview with Margaret Bryant, Caroline will answer questions relating to her new book about her journey […]