Align Feminine Energy with Spirit – Create your Guardian Spirit Figure

.Workshop/Meditation Room

Have you got WAY MORE to express about yourself and contribute to the world? Do you feel there is something bursting in you, ready to be expressed in its full glory, but just a little out of reach? Have you “lost your Self” in your busy life? Are you unsure how to identify your abilities, or how to bring them into the world in a meaningful way?

This workshop is for women who want to self-actualise and fully express their feminine energy. It is also for men who sense the power of the feminine and want to expand its expression in their lives. In creating the Guardian Spirit Figure, you will dive deep to connect with your subconscious, enabling you to express your creativity and what you uniquely bring to the world. The Guardian Spirit Figure is an expression of your special qualities, delivering profound messages and reassurance. 

This workshop will help to:

  • Dispel foggy thinking so that you can connect with your deepest desires
  • Align your feminine energy with spirit and self-expression
  • Clarify your life path and purpose so that they become more visible and grounded with every step.
  • And take home a beautiful, inspirational reminder of the irrepressible spirit in YOU – your birthright!    Speaker Bio
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