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Rochelle McDonnell, Founder of  Jewel House Publishing and Co-founder and creator of peiec healing and the peiec approach is an Intuitive transformation strategist, teacher, author and key note speaker Rochelle uses proven cutting edge principles and strategies to unlock your inner guidance, break through the road blocks, and uncover your true purpose, path and direction.

Rochelle has worked in corporate, local government, and not for profit organisations in various management roles. Skilled in business development, change management, and creating new business initiatives, she works intuitively in her creative space. Rochelle has lectured and delivered and developed numerous workshops and seminars over the years in the roles she has held. Author of several books, music is her other creative expression. She has an intuitive and creative energetic approach to business, teaching and creative expression.

A Business strategist and coach, entrepreneur, author. Rochelle brings her unique, insightful and intuitive approach to the science of business, helping entrepreneurs turn confusion into cash and create the business that fuels their passion. Rochelle also assists business owners and practitioners who are writing a book, and who have a message of change and transformation stay connected energetically  and intuitively to the message and guidance received as they write. She also writes copy for blogs, newsletters, and posts which are intuitively guided and support the purpose and intuitive direction of the business or practitioner.  Connect  on FB @jewelhouserochelle