Sound Oracle Heather Jean Sound Healing Journey

Radio Interview: Receiving all that is yours- raise your consciousness

Heather Jean has been in the beauty, health, healing and wellness industry for nearly 28yrs


Heather began her journey in small business at the mere age of 19 years old in the health and beauty industry and was recognised as the youngest person to achieve a level of directorship with over 400 people in her team in which she mentored and trained in business.

This lead Heather to receive her first international speaking engagement in San diego USA at the age of 21yrs

She has always been a natural coach and inspiration in helping others achieve greatness in their business and lives.

Following this achievement Heather owned and operated with her staff an International Cellulite clinic and Isis Says Hair, Health, Beauty and Holistic centre in East Fremantle.

This is where Heathers natural gifting’s were discovered while training in Reiki and becoming a teacher of Pranic Healing. Pandora’s box was opened and for the first time Divine Mother in all her forms was trans channelled and Heather began her study with spirit directly gifting her with information and expanded consciousness to assist humanity and the earth raise their awareness from living through the mind to Living Through the heart.

This lead her to sell the shops and expand into the Spiritual teacher she is today.

Her journey as a spiritual teacher and healer has led her to all corners of the globe including the Middle East and Europe where she worked and had the privilege of sharing time with some of the greatest women leaders of the new world consciousness today.

Published in Friday magazine, Emirates News and New woman magazine and featured guest speaker on Dubai Radio Heathers international career expanded.

During this time was when she asked the question of God “How may I serve the Children?

And she received the transmission for her first book, “Let’s Play Outside” published in 2008

This book was first launched at Magrudys Book Store in Dubai and then in her home town Fremantle. Meditation CD’s and a music CD for children “Reach for The Stars ‘featuring singer song writer Matt Gresham for children followed and her 2nd book was born “Secret of The Golden Pyramid” in 2011

In 2009 Angel Heather arrived here in Earth and The Magic of You Energy Awareness Play shops for kids was launched with a licenced training program for childcare workers, teachers and caregivers giving them tools to assist children staying connected to their truth and strengthening their self-esteem.

At the age of 40 yrs Heather had a profound life changing experience in Hawaii which has led to her new consciousness work with Mother Earth, humanity and the cosmos through Shamanic Sound Alchemy and she has just released her first edition book and Accredited Practioners course on “Sound Alchemy, Creating and Healing Through Sound”

Today Heather runs retreats in Hawaii, Dubai and Australia raising consciousness and awareness of humanity on the shift being made from Living through the mind to living through the heart and has many other creative projects behind the scene in their birthing process.

Bringing Freedom and Peace of mind through the children of the world.