Reinvent You Keynote Seminar

.Talks Theatre

Are you working hard at work, in your business or in a relationship and not seeing the progress that makes it all worthwhile?

Are you over being exhausted? Are you doubting yourself or struggling to trust others? 

What if the most stubborn of your personal problems could be solved through a clear path that makes perfect sense!

George Helou, founder of EP7  will share with you a proven process that you can use to create positive and lasting change in your life.

Witness and experience reinventions in real time.  Discover the power of what George calls the ‘magic middle’ and how nature’s reinvention process can shift you into a deeply satisfying new timeline. 

George will facilitate live reinventions with real people with every day stubborn problems. 

Find that spring in your step and become the person you aspire to be and inject purpose into all aspects of your life.  

Growth Health