Kids Health – Multiple Vaccines and Informed Consent in Australia

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What are the choices available to parents? What rights do you have?  Find out more about the expansion of the Australian childhood vaccination program from 5 to 16 since the 1970s. What health risks do multiple vaccinations have for your children? Find out how current policies are creating systems that restrict informed consent and are not aligned with medical ethics.

This presentation will include a description of the expansion of the Australian childhood vaccination program from five voluntary vaccines in 1970 to fifteen mandated vaccines in 2016. These fifteen vaccines have been mandated in government social welfare policies even though there was no increased threat from infectious diseases in 2016. In addition, these discriminatory policies were implemented despite most adults never having used these vaccines. Judy will share the facts that are supported by research and historical vaccination public records. 

Judy will discuss the risks involved in using multiple vaccines in infants and the violations to informed consent and medical ethics that have occurred to enable doctors and the government to implement educational and welfare policies that discriminate on the basis of medical intervention.

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