Become Your Own Psychic

.Workshop/Meditation Room

Learn to trust your own wisdom and develop your intuition.  Francis will help you to develop your gifts and talents in this 90-minute workshop. 

 Learn more about your own psychic gifts and empathic nature and develop your skills of

* Clairvoyance – The ability to perceive people, objects, locations, or physical events via extrasensory perception.

* Clairaudience – The ability to acquire information by paranormal auditory means.

* Clairsentience – (just knowing) – The ability to psychically acquire intrinsic knowledge.

* Aura reading – The ability to perceive “energy fields” surrounding people, places, and things.

Francis will give a demonstration for each of the above gifts and talents and for the LUCKY participants, some will receive one on one time, with personal instruction. 

All participants will receive a free booklet with valuable information to help them on their journey. Speaker Bio

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