Sound Alchemy

Julian Silburn, from Sound Alchemy is a Sound healer, Didgeridoo teacher and Performer with a passionate interest in Aboriginal Culture and music. His journey with the didgeridoo started 26 years ago, with an introduction to Aboriginal  Didgeridoo player Derek Nannup by Heath Bergerson. He has devoted his life to Sound Healing and is known for his work nationally and internationally. After being greatly inspired by their playing Julian began studying various playing styles of various players from around Australia.  In 1993 Julian met a Senior Noongar elder in the south west of W.A. –  Maxine, who strongly encouraged him to use Didgeridoo for healing.

Julian has learned Yidaki, (Didjeridu) directly from Aboriginal people around Australia including Arnhemland (where the Yidaki originates),and has been playing for more than 25 years. He mainly uses the instrument in its traditional way for meditation,sound therapy and for ceremony. He  has also performed in a contemporary way in Australia, Europe,U.SA and Canada collaborating with many world musicians and varied music genres. Julian has been given permission and blessing to play the Didjeridu and to use it for healing here on Whadjuk Noongar land by Senior Elders and has a deep respect for their incredibly rich culture and traditions.

In 1997 he was invited by an Aboriginal artist to live and work with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory 20 years ago. This opportunity greatly deepened his knowledge of Aboriginal Art, Stories,Culture,Healing,Ceremonial music and Earth wisdoms. During this time he learned from several Elders who are masters of the Yidaki and Mago and through his association was culturally adopted by an Arnhemland family that has a direct lineage to the Yidaki, Mago, (Didjeridu ),which has been played for thousands of years.

In a sound healing, Julian uses a variety of sound modalities,(yoga nada) and techniques in order to restore the body’s vibration to its natural harmony and balance. Each part of our body, including the chakras,(Energy Meridians), resonate at different frequencies. A variety of sounds are played onto and around the body in order to cleanse, tune and restore the person to their optimal state of vibration. We are made of light (energy) and sound (vibration), and the experiential process of sound healing reintegrates and recalibrates these aspects back into healthy alignment.