Tiny Homes Perth
Tiny Homes Perth


The Tiny Home evolution is spreading across the world, and has now arrived in Perth. Inspired by the Tiny Home scene, we at Tiny Homes Perth have put to use our extensive knowledge of both fabrication and construction to design and build beautiful, practical and affordable Tiny Homes. From concept to completion, Tiny Homes Perth provides a range of both standard and individual designs to suit your budget so that you can live the Great Australian Dream. To showcase our ability, Tiny Homes Perth has just completed its display home, the Seashell, based on our concept of “small homes, BIG ideas”

Driven by his passion for the Tiny Homes culture, Simon Joiner (General Manager / Owner) established Tiny Homes Perth, where he uses his experience of over 35 years in fabrication and the modular homes industry to support this new and affordable housing market.

An array of materials are used in the construction of a Tiny Home. At Tiny Homes Perth all elements of the homes are built on our premises. Construction of the trailer chassis is based on the weight of the building to allow ease of towing, while the frame is constructed of steel to ensure marriage to the chassis.

Tiny Homes Perth has designed their own feature cladding, ‘Inspire clad’. This contemporary cladding can be fitted vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. The use of Colorbond(c) incorporates great colours and a prolonged life span of a Tiny Home.