Thyroid School
Thyroid School

Information on Thyroid health can be confusing and overwhelming, it was this understanding that led Kylie to create Thyroid School an online format where information is distilled and shared with love.  Adding to her desire to educate on a mass scale she is the author of 5 books and is currently racing against a publishing deadline to birth book number 6 – The Thyroid Encyclopaedia, due out in Spring 2019.

To effect change on an even larger scale Kylie has recently created Thyroid Life Academy where she works in depth with women to guide them in building successful lives and businesses within the field of Thyroid health.  Far from being competitive, Kylie is generous with her knowledge and is an ideas girl.  She knows there is an ever-growing need for others to work in the arena of Thyroid health in their own, unique way and their own unique niche. 

The winner of an award for Excellence in the Academic Understanding and Clinical Application of Naturopathy, Kylie is well placed to provide practical guidance in her field.  Through Thyroid Life Academy, Kylie provides support, direction and a clear step-by-step process to designing your ideal Thyroid Life through her membership platform.

Products & Books that will be available for purchase at Living Well in WA

Thyroid Herb Tea – Everyday; Calm

Thyroid Balm – Balancing; Clarity; Heels

Thyroid Mask – Detox

Coffee Enema Kits


Thyroid Habits – Simple Changes to Improve Thyroid Health

Thyroid Jar Food – An Everyday Solution for Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Me Time – The Art & Science of Coffee Enemas

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