Tears and Triumphs – Caroline Logan
Tears and Triumphs – Caroline Logan
Caroline’s inspiration for our memoir titled Tears and Triumphs- A Breast Cancer Journey with Two Perspectives, came about through her need to help others in the same situation and through her past sharing of her story, in hospital waiting rooms. I felt that by telling our story in a very intimate and honest way, other people going through the same situation may feel a sense of hope and to know that they are not alone. There are others out there who understand and there are people out there who want to help. By writing a book, we hope to reach a wider audience to share our story.
Our memoir is about the entire journey from a breast cancer diagnosis through to the completion of reconstruction and beyond. It is a very personal account, including my journal entries, of the treatment regime and subsequent operations that were endured. This memoir also looks at my husbands perspective and how he coped throughout the different stages of this journey. He offers valuable advice.
“This is a warmly written story of the author’s journey through breast cancer, with her supportive husband by her side. It follows her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a very personal and emotional perspective while being packed full of information about the medical specifics. It even has tips on what to take to appointments, and where to find support! Caroline and Martin have created a resource that would be invaluable to anyone travelling a similar path, or a loved one trying to understand the journey. Thank you for letting us into your lives, and telling your amazing story that I know will benefit others, you guys are really special xx”
Sera, February 2019
“This was a truly inspirational read! Following through the Tears and Triumphs that you had to go through personally and as a family, provided so much light on something so close to my heart. Reading Martins take on this journey was heartwarming also to know what both parties go through during the rough times that you both went experienced. I couldn’t put the book down once I opened it. I recommend this book to absolutely everyone !!”
Chloe, February 2019.