Peter Hess Academy Australia!
Peter Hess Academy Australia!

Welcome to the Peter Hess Academy Australia!

The Peter Hess Academy, along with Maranta Sound Academy and Sound Relaxation Margaret River was founded in 2010 in Perth and is run by Alex Andrzejewski, Janusz Urzykowski and Ute Coleman.

The Peter Hess® Sound Massage, a unique holistic method of working with sound and vibration is based on Eastern knowledge and tradition but developed completely for the Western world. The Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from specifically made therapeutic grade Singing Bowls and Gongs applied to the dressed body in a direct way or indirectly in the bioenergetic field. As a result of that treatment, inner harmony and balance are restored through deep relaxation processes and brain synchronisation. The applications and benefits of Sound Massage are wide-ranging due to the overall relaxing and stress-reducing effects which makes it the perfect complement to conventional therapeutic and medical interventions. Sound Massage can also just be used privately for self-care and in your circle of family and friends of all ages who need relaxation, want to improve their healthy way of life or just simply enjoy melting into the harmonic sounds of Singing Bowls.

Meet Ute Coleman and her team of Sound Massage Practitioners at stall 33 to experience a deeply relaxing Sound Massage Treatment or join us for our free Sound Meditation Session and find about the many benefits of Sound for your overall wellbeing.

We will also have a variety of Singing Bowls available for sale and we are looking forward to sharing relaxing sounds with YOU!