Messages from the Spirit Realm
Messages from the Spirit Realm
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The Complete Series of Five Channelled Books

Are you struggling to cope with the loss of a Loved One? Would you like to be freed from fear, worries and restrictions? Then this book can help you understand the challenges in your life.

Messages from the Spirit Realm is a series of five channelled books containing information to help us all cope with the reality of our daily lives. Spirit wishes us to know that they are always with us, each and every day on this Earth Plane and that the events and happenings in our lives are all ordained.

These Messages have been shared with us so that we may know that our connection to the Spirit Realm is real. All we have to do is ask the many Angels that exist for their help to lighten the burden of our lives. This information has been gifted to us for the
good of all Mankind so we may shed the illusion of fear of death, rise above manmade restrictions and learn to care for our Earth and fellow Man. These life-changing Messages are clearly and simply written, so that we may all appreciate them and feel our connection to Spirit.
Embrace the journey.

Meet the author June Redfearne author at Booth 11 . She will have her books for sale at her booth