Juice Station
Juice Station

 Juice Station at London Court

Juice Station is a cute little Cold Pressed Juice Bar in Perth City. It’s located in London Court, a location that is popular both among the locals and tourists. At Juice Station we are passionate about three things.

Customer satisfaction – We value our Customers & reward generously. We have an exceptional customer satisfaction policy.

Clean Eating – Pure, Raw & sugarfree Products (Unpasteurised).

Environment-Friendly – We are 99% plastic-free when it comes to consumables. Read our environment policy here.


Sujit & Pahnan are passionate about a healthy and happy lifestyle and about a green environment that is plastic free. In Perth City, it’s hard to find places where you can get such raw food. So we decided to do something about it. And the idea of Juice Station came to our mind. We wanted people to have an easy option in the city to get raw juices, smoothies and snacks that are free from sugar, processed food and preservatives. We started with Cold-Pressed Juices, Vegan Sugar-free Smoothies and some raw snacks. More to follow in the near future. We also aim to be plastic free and we have managed to be 99% plastic free so far.

Come and visit us at Booth F3 and try our juices