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The Healthy Bloke
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The Healthy Bloke, Kim, lives his life centered on the principles of ‘heal thy self’, and with this, he empowers people to discover the key to unlocking and living healthier, happier lifestyles by “taking a simple approach”.

Having successfully improved his health, Kim makes lifestyle adjustments simple and achievable. He works exclusively with people who are ready to “break bad habits and rebuild new ones”.

Through the power of Iridology and Sclerology (which is the study the eyes) Kim empowers people to heal themselves following the 7 principles of health.

Iridology is the study of the Iris (the coloured part of the eye). The Iris is like a telescope, that looks into your health history showing genetic weaknesses, toxicity and congestion in the body! 

Sclerology is the study of the Sclera (the whites of the eye). The sclera is like the high definition display panel, showing more recent events taking place in your body. 

Paired together, Iridology and Sclerology are a powerful combo that Kim uses in Wellness Strategy Sessions to set the foundations in developing a plan together with you, to suit your current lifestyle but aimed at achieving your health goals. 

With more sick people than ever before, Kim believes the simple principles of health provide the foundation to a “truly an empowering journey” and works on fostering a growing community of people who are all finding and living their healthiest version of themselves.

Show Specials:

  • FREE 15 minute consult during the show (includes Eye Photos)
  • SAVE $200 on full 1.5hr Wellness Strategy Session (includes personalised Wellness Roadmap)
  • SAVE 50% on 3 month 1-on-1 Coaching Program (includes welcome session, weekly 1-on-1 calls, completion session) 


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