Green Batch
Green Batch

Greenbatch Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working in the environmental, sustainability and education space with a specific focus on plastic pollution and plastic recycling. The Greenbatch Foundation was established in March 2018 operating as a community educator, targeting plastic pollution awareness, and recycling behaviours.  Ultimately, we want to change community attitudes regarding plastic as a valuable resource rather than waste to be disposed of.

Greenbatch Foundation supported along the way with one of WA’s most successful crowdfunding campaigns and has launched an incredibly popular schools’ program with over 200 schools wanting to get involved already given Greenbatch Foundation amazing access to over 200,000 students.

It is the intention of the Greenbatch Foundation to be a community leader in education, advocacy and innovative plastic waste recycling solutions by engaging with philanthropic organisations, community leaders, school students, corporate leaders and government agencies in the lead up to the implementation of the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in Western Australia in 2020. Greenbatch Foundation ultimately aims to operate sustainably reducing the aid required of ongoing financial intervention as a registered collector under the CDS.

A cross-sectional engagement approach is seen as the most effective way to address the global plastic pollution problem. Without the commitment of government, industry, community and the future leaders of Australia, any solution will not have the impact necessary to achieve significant change in the quantity of plastic that is being dumped in our oceans. Greenbatch Foundation is providing a cross-sectional solution by educating the future leaders in our school children to make better choices about their plastic waste, creating vital working partnerships with corporate leaders and government agencies providing resources contributing to a sustainable not-for-profit business model.  

GreenBatch is a social enterprise. We reprocess your plastic bottles into 3D printer filament right here in Western Australia. Together, we are fixing a broken recycling industry.

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