Good Earth Dairy – Pure Australian Camel Milk
Good Earth Dairy – Pure Australian Camel Milk

Good Earth Dairy is pure Australian camel milk. WA born and produced. Good Earth Dairy was launched in November 2016.

Good Earth Dairy camel milk is a superior milk product. Good Earth Dairy is passionate about producing the best quality camel milk in the world. Camel milk is nothing new to the human diet, having been consumed by nomads for millennia.


 Good Earth Dairy’s camel milk is full to the brim with health benefits:

  • Camel milk contains 10 times the lactoferrin of regular cow’s milk which is associated with good gut health.
  • The common allergen found in cow’s milk; beta-lactoglobulin is not found in camel milk. People perceive themselves to be lactose intolerant when they actually may be allergic or slightly allergic to this protein.
  • Camel milk is molecularly closest to human milk with its whey to casein ratio higher on the whey side. The fat cells are also a lot smaller in camel next to cow milk, which means that theoretically, the minerals in camel milk are able to be better absorbed by the body.
  • Camel milk is rich in nutrients and minerals. Based on Food Standards Australia and New Zealand benchmarks, Good Earth Dairy Camel Milk is a:
    • Good source of Iodine (0.157 mg per 250 ml serving)
    • Good Source of Potassium (550 mg per 250 ml serving)
    • Good Source of Calcium (325 mg per 250 ml serving)
    • Source of Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, phosphorus.
  • Camel milk contains just half the saturated fat found in regular cow’s milk.
  • There is just 60% of the lactose found in cow’s milk in camel milk, so people that are lactose intolerant may be able to tolerate camel milk.

Come and try some Camel milk at Booth F9 .

You can meet some of the Camels at the front door on the way into the Expo