SMBA Chakra Card Readings by Divine Guidance
SMBA Chakra Card Readings by Divine Guidance

Come and see Ann Powell at Booth P7

This weekend for your Chakra Card Reading by Divine Guidance and Divine Healing Hands Blessing 

Souls can heal, and your soul can help you heal the ones around you. The Power of Soul Healing is dedicated to helping humanity realise that this element of physical and mental presence is accessible and open for change.

Ann is a Certified Soul Healer & Teacher with Master Zhi Gang Sha.

 Services provided:

Soul Song, Soul Dance and Soul Music.

Divine Healing Hands Blessings

Tao Calligraphy Healing blessings from the Divine.

Ann is a Reiki Master.

Chakra Card Practitioner.

Also Works as a Practice Nurse.

About Ann: Ann has overcome many challenges on the road to Enlightenment.

Using Master Sha powerful techniques and many healings from Master Sha was able to repair the damage and put Multiple Sclerosis in remission for the past 9 years, more recently a heart attack and Vestibular syndrome.

Over the last 20 years, Master Sha has travelled the world, sharing precious ancient wisdom and practical techniques to reconnect the human being with its soul. He created soul mind-body medicine®, a system for optimum happiness and health. His system is based on Shen Qi Jing He Ye: Alignment of the Soul, Heart, Mind and Body to uplift every aspect of life. Experiencing soulfulness is experiencing Sheng Qi Jing He Ye. Master Sha and his Certified Master Teacher’s offer workshops and classes to experience soulfulness, through four power technique™ meditation, Tao Chang sitting (refined frequency ancient fields), Tao calligraphy tracing and writing and ancient movement practices.

For advanced spiritual seekers, Master Sha and his certified Teachers also offer workshops on ancient spiritual wisdom (not religion) on Jiao Tao, the source of Toa also known as the path of immortality and on the three Buddha’s of the pure land:

Nan Mo Ar Mi Tuo Fuo:- the Buddha of immeasurable life and light.

Guan Shi Yin Pusa:- the Buddha of compassion.

NanMo Da Shi Zhi Pusa: -the Buddha of wisdom.

Through his power to enable humanity to commit to communicating with their souls and mind, Master Sha is recognised for sharing his profound secrets, wisdom and foresight into the practice of entering the realms within the inner conscience and physical presence. His passion for channeling positive blessings and encouraging self-transformation is a growing success.

Practicing under AJ’S power of Soul:-

Mobile # 0418117802