Earth 2020 Exhibitor Options

University of WA October 10-11

Choose from 6 Site Specific Locations

The  Expo takes place in the beautiful garden grounds of the University of WA. Exhibition spaces are arranged in specific sections to make it easy for visitors to find particular types of products and services. Great care is taken to ensure the layout of the Expo creates a warm, friendly and open atmosphere. 

Time: Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6pm November 20-21 

Sustainable Environment – Building & Development, Recycling,  Energy, Water  & Resources, Waste Management, Eco-Tourism, Regenerative Farming & Organic Products exhibitors are located in Winthrop Hall with Full Shell Booths 2m x 2m or 3m x 2m or 4m x 2m or 4m x 3m.  Please see the booth design  Environment Full Shell Booth

Health and Wellbeing exhibitors are located in the Undercroft with Shell Booths. which are 2m x 2m,  3m x 2m or 4m x 2m. Please see the booth design  Health Shell Booth 

Food, Lifestyle, Community, Parenting  & Nature Conservation exhibitors are located in the Earth Village outside on the verandahs on either side of the Undercroft – these spaces are 1.8m w x 2m deep . 

Food Trucks are located on Saw Promenade – these spaces are 4m x 3m with access to power. 

On the  Great Court North lawn the Food Court, Kids Space, and Workshop Marquees are located amongst spaces for community groups, eco-lifestyle, conservation, action on climate change, food & nutrition, family and parenting exhibitors.  These spaces range from 2m x 2m to 3m x 3m – suitable for a marquee.

Eco-friendly beauty, fashion and personal care  exhibitors are located in the Earth Market 

E-Technologies for transport, energy, and exhibitors are located outside Saw Promenade and outside Winthrop Hall. These spaces range from 4m x 2m, 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m 


Floorplan Booth Rates  and Design

See the  Floorplan  Earth2020ExpoFloorplan

See the Rates Exhibitor-Speaker-Prices

See the Booth Design: Environment Booth      Health-Booth  






Choose your Booth Package


·         Exhibitor Showcase Profile 300 words + Logo and contact details on the Expo Website 

·         Exhibitor Passes ( as many as required for your staff) 

·         Your business listed in the Online and Digital Program  

·         Access to webinars and social media marketing ideas to promote your presence at the Expo  

·         A comprehensive eGuide to Exhibiting Success packed with tips and ideas for you to prepare and plan for a successful   Expo.  

·         Complimentary tea/coffee/water in the Exhibitor Lounge  

·         2 FREE Tickets to the Saturday night Sundowner with drinks, networking and nibbles.



·     Video  Interview 20-30 minutes, broadcast on  our You Tube Channel , published in Conscious Living Magazine online and circulated to 18,000 people and shared on social media   

·     20 Minute Talk or a 45 minute workshop on the Speaker Program at the Expo with Bio and blurb published in the Print and Online Program 

·     Magazine Editorial Published in Conscious Living on the website and e-Magazine circulated to 18,000 people   

·     eNewsletter Promotion – circulated to 8,000 + subscribers

·    A Facebook Post shared with Social Media 

·     Advertisement in the Expo Program in Print + Digital – 15,000 circulation 1/4 page

·     iLead Capture APP to collect names and contact details at the Expo  





Talk/Demo 20-30 minutes $125 + gst

Seminar/Workshop 45-60 minutes $225 + gst

e Newsletter Inclusion + Social Media Posts $225 + gst

iLead Capture to collect visitor data $95 + gst

Magazine Editorial Online + e Magazine $295 + gst 

Interview on Conscious Living Show $300 + gst

Program Advertisement 1/4 page $495 + gst 


Booth Types

Environment Showcase in Winthrop Hall  

Full Shell Booth with Carpet, White Panels 2.5m High, Fascia with Sign, 4 amp Powerpoint, 2 Spotlights

STANDARD              PREMIUM 

2m x 2m $1450 + gst                $2550 + gst                                      

3m x 2m $1750  + gst               $2850 + gst

4m x 2m $1950 + gst                $3050 + gst

3m x 3m $2250  + gst               $3350 + gst

4m x 3m $2595  + gst               $3695 + gst

6m x 3m $2850 + gst               $4992 + gst 

Display Panel 1.8m x 1.2 m $150 = gst





Health Showcase inside the Undercroft 

Carpeted Booth with White Panels 2.5m high + Sign on the Back Wall


2m x 2m $1150 + gst               $2050 + gst

3m x 2m $1450 + gst               $2350 + gst

4m x 2m $1750 + gst               $2650 + gst

4m x3m $2250 + gst                $3150 + gst






Earth Village Outside Verandah and Lawn 

1.8m x 1.5 m  Undercroft Verandah Space  $695 + gst

2m x 2m Space Verandah Saw Promenade $695 + gst

3m x 2m Space  Saw Promenade $795 + gst

4m x 2m Space  Saw Promenade  $895 + gst

3m x 3m Space  Lawn  $950 + gst

4m x 3m Space Lawn /Saw Promenade $995 + gst

6m x 3m Space Lawn/Saw Promenade  $1950 + gst



Earth Arts – Inside Hackett Cafe 

1.8m x 2m space $695 + gst

1.8m x 1.2m Display Panel $137 + gst



Save 15% until March 31 Save 10% April 1-June 30

Secure Your Space with a 25% deposit + 3 monthly instalments or 35% deposit + balance by August 10th