Who will exhibit?


The thrust of the Expo is to encourage all who attend to be proactive in taking charge of their own health and wellbeing, and improve the quality of their lives. Educational talks and workshops bring together leading WA authors, health and nutrition experts and accomplished health practitioners. The public will have the opportunity to meet these leading authors and experts, who will address the key challenges individuals and families are facing in a rapidly changing economic and social environment. Health issues to be covered include: anxiety, depression and stress-related diseases, obesity, diabetes, addictions, and more.

 • Health products and supplements • Health checks • Clinics for hearing & vision, sleep, fertility,• Natural Medicine : herbal, homeopathy, naturopathy • Chiropractic, podiatry, acupuncture, allergy testing, iridology,•  Weight management • Allergy Testing and allergy treatments • Health insurance & preventative health programs



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Mindfulness, yoga, fitness, stress reduction and retreats are areas of major interest in WA today. This festival provides the ideal environment to showcase new products and services and offer experiential sessions and classes. 

 • Spas & de-tox programs  • Yoga training • Health retreats • Massage equipment • Float tank relaxation clinics • Stress management, mindfulness and meditation • Fitness and exercise programs , equipment,• Health coaching • Fitness wear • Supplements • Gyms, and personal trainers




There is a huge trend in chemical free and organic personal care products for women and men. This is the place for clean, green locally produced West Australian skincare and personal grooming products to be showcased including the latest trends in:

• Male grooming   • Skin treatment clinics  • Anti-Aging • Organic skincare , beauty products and cosmetics • Natural fibre clothing • Natural hair treatments.





Visitors love being pampered and having relaxing body treatments . This is a nurturing place where men and women can sample a wide range of natural therapy treatments :

• Kinesiology ,Bowen Therapy, Acupressure • Indian Head Massage &Ayurveda • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils • Music and Sound therapy • Vibrational Healing & Chakra Balancing • Colour & Light Therapy





Living Well in WA is the place to sample, sell and demonstrate :

• Vegan, vegetarian, raw and organic food, allergy free • Herbal healthy teas, juices and coffee /Nutritionals, Supplements & superfoods • Juicers , deyhdrators /Food education & cooking classes /Healthy cookware • Organic beer & wine/kombucha





Living Well in WA is the showcase for :

• Artists & Musicians /Fashion and Clothing/Graphic Design and Marketing

• Authors , Books and Publishers,Photography /Artisan products made in WA






There is now a huge demand for professional training in fulfilling occupations such as counselling, fitness, coaching, mindfulness, natural medicine and nutrition. Living Well in WA is the place for educational institutions to showcase their training courses and vocational career programs. Visitors are also looking for personal growth and education. 

• Life /Business Coaching ,Counselling Training Courses • Mental Health Training Programs / Mindfulness & Meditation Courses • Natural Health Training Colleges • NLP/Hypnotherapy /Feng Shui Courses/Men’s development



Western Australia is a wonderful place to grow a family but in some cases social and family fragmentation could be ruining the experience . Exploring reasons for autism and ADHD and discussing their treatments will be extremely helpful for parents dealing with these two disruptive conditions. Bullying online and in schools is a problem for many families. Strategies that work can be discussed with educators specialising in parenting. With an interactive kid’s play zone and talks by leading authors and experts which address the needs and concerns of parents , this festival will be a popular destination for families.

• Fertility & Birthing clinics • Schools and education programs /Youth development/Nature based education • Parenting programs/Relationship counselling /community support groups • Anti-bullying/ADHD & Autism programs/Additive free products




 Last year’s Committee for Perth projected that from 2015 to 2050, Perth’s population of people aged more than 65 is expected to be 22 per cent, almost doubling the current 13 per cent.

Living Well in WA is the place to showcase lifestyle options for ageing well.

• Retirement villages • Aged Care Facilities • Mobility equipment • Carers & Training

• Active Ageing programs  




In WA, there is an increasing awareness of a need to care and respect the environment. Just as important as land, is maintaining healthy waterways. Chemicals that impact negatively on human wellbeing and the environment can be eliminated through switching to earth friendly products.

Living Well in WA us a place to showcase eco friendly lifestyle options that support sustainable living.

• Innovative low cost sustainable house design • Solar & wind energy and off grid energy systems • Electric bikes and cars • Earth friendly cleaning products and services for healthy, sustainable homes and gardens • Eco tours and holidays • Permaculture , organic garden systems & native waterwise gardens/ Community groups