Connect with Your Community

Find Real Solutions for Better Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Living

Do You Want to Improve Your Health? 

Do you want to conserve our natural world?

Do you want to explore alternative options?

Do you care about your wellbeing and the Earth ? 

Over one weekend at Earth 2020  you can find answers and solutions for Climate Change, Health and Sustainable Living.  Meet and consult with WA’s leaders in health and wellness, food and nutrition, parenting and relationships, personal development and work/life balance who are having an impact in Australia and internationally. 

They’ve been working in their fields for many years and, collectively, that would add up to at least two centuries of experience. You can attend their talks, join their workshops and evaluate for yourself what would work best for you and your family. Find all the ingredients you need to create your own health and wellness program that fits your specific needs. In other words, test the waters before you dive in. Learn more than you could learn in a year.

Who and What will you SEE?   

Over 150 exhibitors will be showcasing and selling their products and demonstrating their services in the Expo. They are practitioners, creators of new products, businesses and organizations that are dedicated to sharing the solutions, expertise and personal journeys that have transformed their lives.  From organic beauty and eco -friendly cleaning and personal care to essential oils, herbal medicines and supplements to fitness wear, organic wine and weight loss programs, you will get to meet  and speak with local suppliers and providers of services who live here in WA, are ethical and dedicated to creating a healthier and more earth-friendly and harmonious way of living.

Are you serious about your health? 

Meet with consultants and experts for solutions to your health problems and be empowered to take charge of your own health: Skin Care,   Natural Therapies,  Pain Management, Stress Management, Sleep Solutions, Weight Loss  AND many more consultants and practitioners in these areas.  You will have the opportunity to meet these change-makers, who are solving the challenges that many of us are facing in a rapidly changing economic and social environment. Just a few of the health issues to be covered include stress-related diseases, gut health, obesity, allergies, and food sensitivities.

Are you looking for a more sustainable financial future ?

The pressure of paying bills keeps many of us trapped in unfulfilling jobs and careers. Financial improvement and security are important for everyone.  In the Consulting Corner, you can meet with our coaches and consultants in  Financial Planning,   Business Development,  Marketing,    Coaches and Consultants,  Investment advisors    AND many more specialists.

Do you want to eat better ?  

Sample, Eat and Drink Organic and Preservative Free naturally fresh and local produce.  Watch demonstrations and attend talks by expert foodies on the new plant-based vegan diets to lose weight and gain energy. Enjoy a delicious choice of nutritious vegetarian and vegan food and drinks.  Sample organic and preservative-free wine, beer and cider. Enjoy fresh juices and smoothies, healthy bagels and superfoods.

       Get Pampered and Have Healing Treatments  Reducing stress and mental health, are areas of major interest in WA today. The trend is toward making choices that lead to fulfillment and purpose, and becoming ‘all that we can be’. A wide range of natural therapy treatments can be sampled  from Reiki to Reflexology, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, and Aromatherapy. Mindfulness Meditation,   Kundalini Yoga,   Energy Healing,   Holistic and Complementary Medicine. Consult with renowned psychics and mediums   AND many more intuitive, spiritual, holistic practitioners and therapists.  

Do you want better relatonships with your Family, Work Colleagues, Children, Partner?

       Meet with our consultants and Specialists in   NLP and Hypnotherapy,  Life Coaching,  Family and Children relationships, Relationship Counselling,  Family Counselling,    AND many more consultants and specialists in these areas.