Michelle Nazaroff

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Michelle Nazaroff is inspiring Australia and the world. A World Champion in her own right Michelle is now a super coach and giving back to the sport she loves and motivating others to Get Fit From Within.

Michelle Nazaroff is as passionate as she is inspirational.  Transforming others’ lives as well as her own, Michelle educates and empowers with natural Nutrition and Fitness. A champion natural bodybuilder, Mum and wife, Michelle is empowering others with her own story – her journey from hospital bed to healthy. She is leading the Natural Fitness Revolution and a mum on a mission to change the way children think about their health and fitness.

Michelle's Sessions

6 Secrets to Total Fitness from Within

Talks Stage

Making a commitment to exercise and embracing a healthy eating regime can your life. Inspirational nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Michelle Nazaroff will go into detail about the 6 secrets that will transform your life and get you fit from within.


Q&A Food Panel – Eat Well Live Well

Main Stage

Join our Keynote speakers on the panel for a down to earth discussion that cuts through the hype surrounding diets and weight loss.   – Organic Raw Vegan Vegetarian Come and join us and ask your questions.

Food & Nutrition Health Parenting

How Raw Foods and Juices have taken me from hospital bed to world champion – Michelle’s Story

Talks Stage

Benefits of a Live and High Raw Food diet: Michelle will share her inspirational story of going from hospital bed to world champion by adopting a plant based lifestyle. After a lifesaving heart operation that Michelle’s determination set in to return her body to its peak condition. Inspired, she turned to natural bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition […]

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Live Plant Nutrition to Release, Rebuild and Revitalise

Talks Stage

Discover how eating plant based foods in conjunction with revitalising exercise can transform your health and fitness. Michelle educates and empowers with natural Nutrition and Fitness. Leading the Natural Fitness Revolution, Michelle is a  mum on a mission to change the way the community thinks about their health and fitness.

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