Maggie Hamilton

Author & Social Researcher

Maggie gives numerous talks and workshops in Australia and New Zealand, and has a passion for the art of living meaningfully. Her numerous books have been published in Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Italy, China, Lithuania, Korea, the Arab States and Brazil, and include : What Men Don’t Talk AboutComing Home: Rediscovering Our Sacred Selves, A Soft Place to Land, Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Life and Magic of the Moment. In her spare time Maggie loves to retreat to deserts, temples and other sacred places on the planet to learn, to contemplate, to recharge.

Maggie's Sessions

Magic Moments – Tools to Empower and Awaken You to the Miracles in your life

Talks Stage

Discover how to reawaken the parts of you that have been sleeping, reclaim your passion for living, and nourish yourself in body and spirit. Often we ache for miracles, forgetting how so often miracles come to us fleet-footed, when we least expect them. Miracles are wonderfully gentle. Perfectly timed. They take us beyond all neediness. […]

Growth Health

Parenting Today’s Children Discussion Panel

Main Stage

Q&A    An interactive discussion panel with  parents,  parenting authors and audience questions.  How to support our young people in dealing with Peer Group Pressure, Bullying, Drugs and Mental Health issues and build resilience – Panelists: Maggie Hamilton, Darrell Brown, David Hobbs,  Kristi McMullan and Renae Cukrov.

Health Parenting

What Men Don’t Talk About

Keynote Seminar Room

What is needed to empower men? What does it means to be a man right now?  What do men long for, agonise over, aspire to?Why are men often silent in difficult situations? Why do so many men find it hard to express themselves? What do they want from committed relationships, from friendships? What motivates them? What […]

Growth Health