Dorothy Coe

Sound Healing and founder of Echoes

Dorothy Coe has been studying and practising Sound Healing in Perth for more than 20 years. Dorothy founded Echoes after working for some years with Indigenous Elders and leaders learning sounds used by them for as far back as oral history carries. Echoes provides a dedicated Sound Chamber, purpose built to suit its delivery in the discipline of Martial Arts. Echoes is an accredited provider of Complementary Medicine.

Accreditation ensures you professional and consistent service delivery by qualified facilitators.

The Echoes training package delivers up to Cert IV Sound and Vibration Therapy before entry into Diploma level.  Echoes staff are required to undertake training in knowledge and skill, log books are maintained detailing every sound session.  Qualified training and assessment is given by Gong Master Dorothy Coe and Sensei Ramon Lawrence. Both hold Diplomas in Sound and Vibration Therapy together with other institutional recognition.

Dorothy Coe's Sessions

What is Sound Healing?

Keynote Seminar Room

Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Sound has been shown to be a vital part of our healing process following illness, injury or surgical intervention. Learn more about the science behind […]


Crystal Sound Spiral Chakra Activation

Meditation Room

Join Dorothy Coe and her team, and bask in the sounds and vibrations of 14 crystal singing bowls being sounded in spiral formation and woven with tubular bells. This is an effective and powerful Chakra alignment and activation. Let the sounds carry you to deep peace as the vibrations provide massage at a cellular level. […]