Darrell Brown

Parent Storyteller Pioneer and Author

Darrell Brown is an International Best selling Author and Speaker on Fatherhood.

Darrell is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Associate Trainer and he is a feature writer for US Magazine You and Your Family. He was an invited speaker at the 2016 “Future of Fatherhood Conference” at Woollongong University.

Manning Down

Manning Down – Creating Deeper Connections Between Fathers and Sons

Keynote Seminar Room

“Fatherhood” and the definition of “masculinity” have become hot topics around the country. Man Up, Don’t Cry … Our boys look to their Dads for guidance on how to behave in the adult world. The ethos of “man up, don’t cry” and “any emotion is a sign of weakness” has had a destabilising effect on […]

Growth Parenting

Parenting Today’s Children Discussion Panel

Main Stage

Q&A    An interactive discussion panel with  parents,  parenting authors and audience questions.  How to support our young people in dealing with Peer Group Pressure, Bullying, Drugs and Mental Health issues and build resilience – Panelists: Maggie Hamilton, Darrell Brown, David Hobbs,  Kristi McMullan and Renae Cukrov.

Health Parenting