Ali Jardine

Author and Life Coach

Ali Jardine, author of Colour for Health Food for Life and workshop facilitator,  draws upon her personal journey reclaiming her health and works with the natural energy system in the body. She draws upon her personal experience of losing 25 kilos and healing her body from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and surviving  a white tail spider bite.


Ali's Sessions

Up Close and Personal

Keynote Seminar Room

A very funny workshop – The ins and outs of a woman’s body. Ali Jardine will share some personal experiences of the changes of a woman’s body throughout her life and how to have a sense of humour about it. This workshop will be very much up-close and personal, sharing intimate details, speaking about women’s […]

Growth Health

The Benefits of Turmeric

Main Stage

Adding organic Turmeric to our foods is a great natural anti-inflammatory, liver cleanser and anti-cancer. Ali Jardine will demonstrate the benefits of Turmeric and  share with you how it contributed towards her 25 kilo weight loss and how it helped her to heal her body from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. And she will show you how to […]

Food & Nutrition Health

Q&A Food Panel – Eat Well Live Well

Main Stage

Join our Keynote speakers on the panel for a down to earth discussion that cuts through the hype surrounding diets and weight loss.   – Organic Raw Vegan Vegetarian Come and join us and ask your questions.

Food & Nutrition Health Parenting

Chakra Colour Readings

Main Stage

Ali Jardine  gives colour readings to people in the audience based on the colours they are wearing.  Realigning your  energy system  using colour in  food  and clothing can make a positive difference to your health and wellness.  Ali will also be sharing her Chakra food recipe books and health cards