Enjoy these Natural Therapy Treatments

Feel Well – Pampering & Natural Therapies

Relax and enjoy these Natural Therapy Treatments or have a Health Assessment with our professionally trained Practitioners.

Get a Health Check with our Natural Therapy Practitioners 

Why not take the opportunity to have your Spine checked with our Chiropractors or an iridology check up with our professionally trained practitioners.  Experience the cutting edge Metatron technology which measures your state of health and detects potential issues in the body . 


Pain Relief   Give your body a relaxing treatment with Flower Essences and Reiki to balance the energies of the Body, Mind, and Spirit to support the harmonious flow of energy in the body.  See Rita at Pure Moon Bliss and ask about her pain relief magnesium oil.   The girls at the Emmett booth are giving mini treatments to relieve pain and discomfort.

Wake up your body with a dynamic Ki Energy treatment from the team at Life Culture.  


Crystal Light Sound Bed   The Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Sound Bed has been created with a singular focus in mind; that is to completely clear a person of any energy systems that no longer serve your higher purpose or potentials. It is composed of five systems of energy transmission; light, sound, magnetics, crystal and scalar waves, (scalar waves have the ability to penetrate into every cell in the body). As the sound is fed through the headphones, vibration is fed into bed, this dual delivery allows for physical as well as brain wave entrainment ensuring your deep peace.

Pamper yourself with Organic Mineral Makeup and have a hand massage with Pure Essential Oils  

 Come and relax and enjoy!