Enjoy these Natural Therapy Treatments

Chakra Balance with Pure Essential Oils and Reiki

Give your chakras a quick tune up using Essential oils and Reiki.  These two powerful tools now combined with a secret ingredient can help unify and balance the energies of the Body, Mind and Spirit to support the harmonious flow of energy in the body.

Hand/Foot Essential Oil Massage

Our hands and feet are used continuously throughout the day for our benefit, why not give them a treat with a relaxing hand or foot massage today.



Ayurvedic  Treatments

Enjoy an  Indian Head Massage,  Ayurvedic Marma  Point facial massage or an Ayurvedic neck and shoulder massage for stress release.   Natural Facial Hair Removal is also available.  



Kinesiology  looks beyond the symptoms and explores within your mind, body and soul to identify what’s truly causing your pain, stress, depression, anger or anxiety.


Ki Energy Treatments

Ki Health practitioners provide specialist acupressure massage and energy treatments, which can give relief from diverse symptoms of illness including stress and fatigue. One treatment can clear energy blockages, remove toxins and negative energy, and recharge the body with vital energy. 


Release stress and tension with a  Neck and Shoulder massage. Remedial massage helps ease muscle tension and reduce chronic pain and provides relief for tension headaches.