Want to join Perth’s wellness revolution?

Have you noticed the wellness revolution that’s underway in Perth?

Looking around the suburbs we see an increase in organic outlets, natural therapy centres, chiropractic clinics, yoga centres, meditation centres, acupuncture clinics, chi kung classes, raw cooking classes, personal development, and relationship courses, and the list continues.  The evidence is in: we are all seeking better body and mind health and happier lives.

Do you want to improve your health and wellness?

In one place on one weekend, you can make personal contact with those leaders who are having an impact in Australia and internationally.

They’ve been working in their fields for many years and, collectively, that would add up to at least two centuries of experience. You can attend their talks, join their workshops and evaluate for yourself what would work best for you and your family. Find all the ingredients you need to create your own health and wellness program that fits your specific needs. In other words, test the waters before you dive in. Learn more than you could learn in a year.

Living Well in WA

Get your diary and block out the 18th and 19th of May and on those days head to the Claremont Showground Exhibition Centre for the Living Well in WA Expo. Who will you see there and what will you experience? The program is exhaustive, but here’s a peek.

Speakers and Workshops

Bringing you up to date with relevant information are experts, including:

  • Justin O’Hehir – (Hypnotherapist)
  • George Helou ( Reinvent Your Life )
  • Judy Wilyman ( Vaccination Choice Health Advocate)
  • Rochelle McDonnell ( Valentino’s Sanctuary – Connecting Horse and Rider)
  • Karen Leece ( Kriya Yoga)
  • Kylie Wolfig ( Thyroid School )

Take part in Mindful Meditation, join a Yoga session, sample gluten-free foods, watch cooking demonstrations; while your children enjoy face painting and Conny the Clown’s magic show.

There is so much to enjoy that is free, this is a weekend event for all age groups.

 The Program will also allow you to choose your best day or days for attendance. We look forward to sharing this special event with you.