About us   

We supply and install Water Filters to ensure your home or business has filtered, purified water at the turn of a tap. WA Water Filters are proud to be the wholesaler for the state of WA. We can therefore sell all products to you at cost price. This means you can enjoy the highest quality of water at the lower possible cost to you.

We stock all water purification products locally and deliver direct to your home or business free of charge. Healthy living begins with the basics. At WA Water Filters we believe in getting the basics right for you by ensuring you have filtered, purified water. We analyze your water and recommend the best products for your home and your business. After visiting your home/premises we can recommend which level of water purification system you need.

WA Water Filters are members of the Home Improvements Association and each year you can find us at the, Royal Perth Show, Perth Garden Show, Perth Home Show, Perth Caravan Show, Wagin Woolorama, Living Well in WA & Others shows.

WA Water Filters products are WaterMark approved, unique and available right across WA at wholesale prices.

Here are just a few products we have available

  • Portable and Under Sink water filters; our most popular product. No home should be without one.
  • Whole House Water filters; also very popular, suitable for every household including rural properties and designer homes. No need for a separate filter for the bathroom.
  • H20 Duo Hot & Ambient Filtered Water Dispenser; filtered, hot water to 96c from a dispenser. No need for a kettle. Manufactured in the USA.
  • Caravan-Inline & High-flow Filters; for those who use camper vans and motor homes. Also, ideal for the garden and Tank Water.
  • Reverse Osmosis 8 stage Filters; Fluoride Free & highly-customized filtration system designed for your Home, Business, Dental Clinic and Aquarium.

As well as purifying your drinking water we can ensure your pipes and water heating appliances are kept free from hard water by installing the LimeTron. Made in the UK compliant with the British Standards Institute regulations, LimeTron works with calcium deposit which in turn saves you money on Home appliance’s repairs and cleaning costs.

Wellbeing starts with a glass of filtered water and here at WA Water Filters we make this an affordable reality for you and your business.

“Invest in good water for returns in Healthy Life Style”