The Colour of Health Food For Life
The Colour of Health Food For Life

Ali Jardine, author for The Colour of Health Food for Life,looks for the positives in all of life’s situations and is passionate about health and wellness.

Realigning our energy system with colour,( food , clothing)can make a positive outcome with our health. The purpose of her business is to provide guidance on a healthy life, through the used of colour integrated with the Complete Three “BODY, MIND & SPIRIT” to attain a balanced lifestyle.

BODY – Exercise has the greatest positive effect on the body; it releases adrenalin and endorphins when the heart rate is elevated, and is beneficial as a painkiller and anti-depressant. It’s also great for Arthritis, joint problems and stiffness.

MIND – A positive mind-set attracts positive results. Even in bad times or negativity there can always be a positive outcome or a sense of gratitude for what we have or had.

SPIRIT- Meditation, quiet mind and solitude, brings us to a sense of self, to nurture our being on a more spiritual level. To experience who we truly are and what we think is the importance of life, which to me is life itself.

For more information come and talk to Ali at Booth 44  Ali  will have Chakra food recipe books and health cards available.

Services that Ali offers

The Colour of health-Food for life workshop including a Juice/smoothie demonstration ( Chakra re-balancing) and Intuitive colour health readings.

Lifestyle training program – Invest in your health – 6 sessions 


For enquiries contact Ali on 0448 516 015 or email on