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At The Perth Brain Centre we believe in giving individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision about their health and well-being. We empower people by listening carefully and answering their questions, enabling them to discover solutions to help achieve their goals.

Dr. Daniel Lane is a Keynote Speaker at this year’s Living Well in WA. and together with some of the team from The Perth Brain Centre will be available at Booth 26 to answer questions.  Dr Lane will be giving a talk each day in  the Talks Theatre.

The Perth Brain Centre

The Perth Brain Centre is a private multidisciplinary clinic, established in 2007, with a special interest in the treatment of brain-based disorders through the activation of neuroplasticity.

In practice this means that we help people with a wide range of health problems that are related to the way the brain and nervous system work, without using drugs or surgery.  People most commonly present with problems including:

ADHD and Learning Disorders

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Chronic Pain


Dizziness and Vertigo



Traumatic Brain Injury


We also help people who are looking to improve their ability to function under stress. Performing well under pressure is an important life skill for everyone and we help a wide-range of people ranging from children in school to “top performers” in business and sports.

Our experienced team includes healthcare professionals from wide range of backgrounds including Cardiac Nursing, Chiropractic, Neurological Nursing, Neuroscience, Occupational Therapy and Psychology.

Special brain scans, known as QEEG, are used to help pin-point the problem areas in the brain and this information is used to help direct effective treatment. Treatment programmes are directed to “re-wire” or “re-train” the brain and use the latest brain-based therapies, some of which are featured in Dr. Norman Doidge’s internationally best selling book “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, the sequel to his equally popular book “The Brain That Changes Itself”.

Brain-based therapies are becoming increasingly accepted by “main-stream” medicine, and at The Perth Brain Centre we employ treatments including:

Heart-Rate Variability Biofeedback – Home-based stress management and emotional regulation techniques using the heart and brain connection to improve health, resilience and wellbeing.

Neurofeedback Therapy – Brainwave Training directed towards normalising brain function, often used to help ADHD and Learning Disorders, Anxiety and Migraines.

Targeted Cognitive Exercises – Specific mental exercises directed towards “re-wiring” the brain, often used to help Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation – Low current electrical brain stimulation used to increase or decrease brain activity, often used to help Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke.

For further information about how brain-based therapies can help you, or someone you know, please telephone (08) 65003277 or visit

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