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Original Vital Energy,‘Ki’, is an Ancient South Korean Powerful Self-Healing Art.


1 To help you to understand the concept, if we compare our BODY as a CAR.

We put food into our bodies 3 times a day, this is our fuel for our physical body.

This energy quality is like a BATTERY of a car in a human body.  If the battery in a car is low then the car won’t start.  The same as the human battery, if it is low then we become tired and not able to do what we want or need to do.  This in turn effects our whole body, mentally, physically and emotionally.


2 If you can imagine your body being a road system.  THE MITCHELL FREEWAY OR ALBANY HWY = MERIDIANS in the body.

We are driving a CAR = BLOOD on the FREEWAY OR HIGHWAY and there is a car accident which causes a traffic jam – creates a blockage. 

In our body there are 3 kinds of blockages, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL – Family Inherited Patterns.

This energy has the ability to open up the traffic jam and clear the car accident.


3 If you can imagine your BODY as a HOUSE

In this house there is a TENANT = MIND which is invisible

The house also has a LANDLORD = SPIRIT which is invisible.

Our bones and flesh are from our parents and spirit from creation, adopts this physical body for its life on earth and mind is created.  Mind is activated when we are able to distinguish between good and bad, roughly 3 years of age.


Family inherited patterns they say is about 80% of the cause of disease.  Every family has their own invisible vibration and we connect through a magnetic field.  This is our inheritance.  We attract the positives and unfortunately, we are subject to the non-positives.  The non-positives, are what causes disease in the body.

When we pass our mind state is fixed and are unable to change because mind, body and spirit need to be together to cultivate oneself.  Our body returns to the 5 elements after 3 years.  Our spirit is eternal but our mind lives on for 4 generations, roughly 100 years, until our skeleton breaks down.

The mind of those who have passed effect the living in a profound way.  Their frequency connects with the descendants and causes blockages.  Over times these blockages lowers the immune system so when virus and bacteria enters the body is unable to fight the unwanted guests – that is how disease happens.

e.g. If someone passes suffering from mental disease, then their mind greatly influences the living.  For the living person they believe that it belongs to them but that isn’t so.


During our life we are meant to cultivate ourselves and return to our original mind which we received from creation – Great Nature.  Unless we return to our original mind we cannot return to where our spirit came from and that is how the invisible world is effecting the visible world.  We are all living together.


At our Centre we provide ‘Ki’ energy treatments to prove how the energy works.  ‘Ki’ energy training for people to maintain the energy for themselves, power self-healing.  We also provide advanced training for the healing of the family tree.

‘Ki’ treatments and training are for the living and healing of the family tree is for those who have passed.


Through this training we are able to recreate ourselves, return to the original mind, which is an innocent mind.  The person who can control their own mind is the true master of themselves.  When we become the real master of ourselves, there is nothing we cannot do.  Therefore, controlling the mind and attaining self – completion is the most important work.


Ki” Treatments
Ki energy treatments use acupressure points that are pressed all over the body to stimulate energy and blood flow whilst using a breathing technique to opoen the energy channels and transmit Ki into the body. The sound made by the practitioner is a specific sound that has a vibration that travels deeper into the body than touch alone.
Benefits of “Ki” Treatments
The treatment helps to release tension, stress and pain, detoxifies the body and has a calming effect on the mind. It also helps to promote the body’s own natural healing ability by reinforcing the flow of Ki.
“Ki: treatments are suitable for all ages and are received fully clothed. A course of treatments can support the recovery from various health conditions and can also be an effective energy boost, helping you maintain and enhance your general wellbeing.
The Practitioners
Giving “Ki” treatments requires dedication for which our practitioners train at least three hours a day. This practice enables them to harness “Ki”, given throughout the treatment, as well as detoxify what they absorb.
The treatments at the Living Well in WA event will take roughly 10 – 15 minutes at a cost of $30.
You can find more information on our website: which will then direct you to Jung shim website.