Diamond Health and Wellness
Diamond Health and Wellness

Diamond Health and Wellness was founded by Elizabeth Mulvey to support and promote natural health and wellness at a ground level to assist with education, products and services which aid daily wellness.

Our founder is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, with specializations in Holistic Herbal Therapy and Clinical Nutrition.  She is also a Reiki Master, Peak Performance Consultant, with a Bachelor of Education.  Liz believes that education and self-care are the keys to life.

Diamond Health and Wellness has a Holistic Philospohy of health and incorporates a variety of modalities based on individual assessment to support clients to nurture health and happiness.

Being ME Rang of Essential Oil blends is inspired by the daily and situational challenges in peoples life. The range so far:  Sleep with ME, Talk with ME, Bite ME, Sooth ME, and Remember ME.

Education is one our important goals, we run workshops to support public knowledge about:

  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • From the Craddle to the Car – Raising Children
  • Stress Management
  • Men’s Health
  • Blending Essential Oils
  • Moon Magic: Working with the phases of the moon
  • The Golden years: Aging Gracefully

Quarterly Newsletters: email diamondhealth@threewide.net.au to register.

Reiki Certification Courses

Personal consultations and therapies to support health and wellness.

Dsitributor for:  DoTERRA Essential Oils, Enagic-Water Ionisers, and Pruvit-Ketones for health