Farewell by Design
Farewell by Design

What we are offering is choices; at a lower cost and environmentally friendly, choices in how your end of life looks, how and where your funeral takes place and what carbon footprint you leave behind.

We offer a range of caskets in two sizes for adults, a child size and a choice of three baby caskets.

Our funeral casket range is all hand-woven and lined using natural and environmentally-friendly wicker material. Most are suitable for ‘natural burials’ or can be used for a traditional burial or cremation with or without a shroud.            

             Bios Urn

         Water Burial Urn                     

Our bio-degradable urns are for planting, burial or water burial

Our services include end of life planning: Advance Health Directive, Enduring Power of Guardianship, Enduring Power of Attorney and Funeral Planning either as a ‘living wake’ or a more traditional service.

*We also stock caskets for animals and the urn range is also suitable for animals.