Helo LX
Helo LX

The Helo LX is the most advanced life sensing wearable technology available on the market.

It can monitor your bio parameters such as blood pressure, breath rate, heart rate, calories, steps, etc and can even perform an ECG!

With its dedicated HEKA app, using the “Guardian” feature, you can set ranges that are appropriate to you and have an alert sent to a loved one, doctor or yourself should any of your predetermined parameters fall outside the desired range!  Better still, you can monitor a loved one across the city, interstate or even in another country.

Imagine being able to keep an eye on your aging parent(s) from a far and being alerted when something doesn’t seem quite right.  Another feature allows you to send an SOS message simply by pressing the button on the side of the device two times.  A text message is immediately sent to your loved one alerting them that you are in trouble and where you are.  Your location is sent in the way of GoogleMap coordinates.

Fantastic for anyone who has family members travelling abroad, elderly parents or a partner that likes to head outdoors for a run or bike ride or the like.

In the near future, the Helo LX will be able to take non-invasive blood glucose estimations, blood alcohol readings, provide a mosquito repelling shield, take your body temperature and even tell you when you are about to get sick!

Come and see us at Booth #19 to learn how you can take advantage of this amazing product and how you can participate in the customer reward program, earning you money for sharing the Helo LX with your connections.