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Star Point 9

Healing Work & Star Point 9

The Founder of the Heart Activation Music Therapy, Steven North (Star Point 9) combines various aspects of ancient cultural healing to bring the client a relaxation and healing experience not offered by anyone else.

The Heart Activation Music is crystal energy, harmonics, consciousness and frequencies which have been embedded into music. Combined with other healing frequencies, the music enters multiple dimensions to create a true multi-dimensional healing for both the soul and the body.

Utilising the music, placing crystals around the body, working with Arch Angels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters, we perform a healing session that is truly amazing.

Star Point 9 also offers a variety of products such as Crystal Healing, Liquid Crystal Healing, Reiki, Seichim, Consciousness and other forms of energetic healing. Crystal activations and human system activations.