Conscious Living – Living Well in WA Expo is Perth’s most informative, inspiring and change-making event showcasing positive solutions for a healthy environmentally sustainable future. 

Why Now ?

Australia is now at the forefront of experiencing the drastic effects of Climate Change and action is urgently required to shift to a more sustainable way of living. Having introduced thousands of people in WA to the benefits of natural therapies, spiritual and personal development and sustainable living at the Conscious Living and Living Well in WA Expos over the past 31 years, we believe passionately in the power of personal experiences and the potential of connections and ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

Our Mission is to build a vibrant community of people and organisations that share resources and knowledge based on wisdom and caring for all people and lifeforms on our planet.

Our Purpose is to educate, inspire and demonstrate how our individual health and wellbeing is deeply interconnected with the health and wellbeing of the natural environment and our planet’s ecosystems. 

Who is invited ? 

Environmental businesses and organizations, health and wellbeing practitioners, authors, artists, not for profit organizations and community groups, government bodies,  schools, and educational institutions are invited to exhibit.  Thousands of people who care about conserving our precious earth and who are looking for a more healthy and sustainable way of living will attend this event to connect, enjoy, learn and experience what they can do to create a sustainable future now and for future generations.

Where ?  University of Western Australia

The  Expo takes place in 4 areas  beginning inside Winthrop Hall and the Undercroft moving outside onto the verandah and the Great Court North lawn

1.  ECO LIFESYTLE & ENVIRONMENT – Inside Winthrop Hall
2.  HEALTH & WELLBEING – Inside Undercroft 
3.  EARTH VILLAGE  MARKET- Food , Lifestyle & Community, Arts & Crafts  Outside on Great Court North lawn 
4.  GREEN TECHNOLOGIES – Outside Winthrop Hall



Why Exhibit ?

1. Meet Your Target Market Cost Effectively.

Exhibitions are one of the most cost-effective means of getting your in front of your target market   Showcase your business or organization at Earth Expo, and you will meet and engage with hundreds of people who are most definitely your target market These are 75% women aged 25 years to 75 years who are choosing to create a healthy sustainable way of life for themselves and their families. They are people who care about the future wellbeing of life on Earth.

2  Make Face to Face Sales

Personal face-to-face marketing is proven to be the most cost-effective method of building trust to gain and retain customers. The Earth Expo provides you with immediate access to potential customers to ask them direct what it is they want and how you can best supply their needs. You can collect their details and build your database.


3. Have Immediate Impact

Exhibitions are one of the fastest ways to reach your target market. With hundreds  of visitors walking past your booth, you can achieve more in two  days at this Expo than you may normally achieve in months.

4. Access Genuine Buyers

Customers are coming to the Earth Expo because they are interested to know about  your business, your vision and how you are making a contribution to sustainable living! They are looking to purchase products, gifts and services for their home and family. You just need to show that your product is their solution! 

5. Network with other professionals and businesses in your industry

The Earth Expo is an ideal opportunity to meet and connect with local and interstate exhibitors who are involved in your industry. Broaden your contacts and knowledge, create valuable business connections and opportunities, share ideas and collaborate.

  6.Boost your Profile and Brand

Make yourself and your products and services more visible to your customers. Your business reputation will be greatly enhanced through being associated with this environmentally sustainable and change making event.